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Energy, Gas, Mining & Oil

Affordable and Professional Aerial Data Solution, CASA Licensed and Certified Drone (RPA) Operators

Energy, Gas, Mining & Oil

Elevate your energy, gas, mining and oil sector through Upload Enterprise  comprehensive drone services. From equipment showcases site documentation to environmental impact documentation our drones offer tons of advantages. Our experts utilize advanced techniques and equipment to help you improve your efficiency, safety and profitability.

Magazine Quality at Affordable Budgets

We are a team of experienced drone operators with the necessary equipment and permits to complete your project. Our rates are competitive and market-leading, and we can match the prices of other commercial drone operators.

Protected up to $20M for public liability

Safety is paramount in all aspects of our operations. We are fully licensed and insured by CASA, which ensures that we have the necessary expertise and resources to operate safely and efficiently.

Advanced camera and UAV technology

Our commitment to providing high-quality service is made possible by our investment in advanced drone systems and camera equipment.

Services We Offer for Energy, Gas, Mining & Oil

We offer a wide number of professional drone services for Energy, Gas, Mining & Oil sector. They are as follows:

Equipment Showcase

Capture the essence of your cutting-edge equipment and machinery with our specialized photography and videography services. Our team is equipped with the latest technology to highlight the intricacies and power of your energy, gas, mining, and oil equipment, ensuring they shine in every frame.

Drone mapping of school in sydney
Drone Survey

Site Documentation

Document your work sites with precision and accuracy using our professional photography and videography services. Whether it’s a remote mining operation, an offshore oil rig, or a sprawling gas facility, we capture every aspect of your site, providing you with comprehensive visual records for analysis, reporting, and promotional materials.

Safety and Compliance

Ensure your safety measures and compliance protocols are well-documented with our specialized photography and videography services. Our team is experienced in capturing safety procedures, training sessions, and equipment inspections, helping you maintain a visual record of your commitment to safety standards.

Drone mapping of school in sydney
Drone Survey

Corporate Branding and Marketing

Elevate your brand’s image with striking visuals that highlight your expertise in the energy, gas, mining, and oil industries. Our photography and videography services are tailored to create captivating content for marketing materials, websites, and promotional campaigns, showcasing your company’s strengths and capabilities.

Event Coverage

Make sure your industry events, conferences, and workshops are captured with finesse and precision. Our experienced team specializes in event photography and videography, ensuring every important moment is documented, from keynote speeches to networking sessions.

Drone mapping of school in sydney
Drone Survey

Environmental Impact Documentation

Showcase your commitment to environmental responsibility with our specialized photography and videography services. We capture the efforts and initiatives your company takes to minimize its environmental impact, providing you with visual evidence of your sustainability practices.

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Why You Should be Using Upload Enterprise

Upload Enterprise is a leading provider of commercial aerial mapping, drone surveys and aerial photography. We are CASA certified and fully insured, and we offer a wide range of services, including Lidar mapping, thermal mapping, multispectral mapping, and astrophotography.

  • Certified and licensed by CASA
  • Public Liability Insurance of $12 Million
  • Professional Liability Insurance of $6 Million
  • Safety assessments for jobs
  • Mine/Construction Spec Vehicles and Full PPE
  • Drone fleet of the future
  • GNSS ground control with PPK precision

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