Search & Rescue

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Search & Rescue

Affordable and Professional Aerial Data Solution, CASA Licensed and Certified Drone (RPA) Operators

Search & Rescue

Upload Enterprise  is dedicated to utilizing the technology’s power to save lives and provide instant support during critical situations. With advanced drones equipped with highly skilled operators, we offer a range of services like Aerial reconnaissance photography, Night vision and Waterborne search and rescue that play a huge role in emergency scenarios.

Magazine Quality at Affordable Budgets

We are a team of experienced drone operators with the necessary equipment and permits to complete your project. Our rates are competitive and market-leading, and we can match the prices of other commercial drone operators.

Protected up to $20M for public liability

Safety is paramount in all aspects of our operations. We are fully licensed and insured by CASA, which ensures that we have the necessary expertise and resources to operate safely and efficiently.

Advanced camera and UAV technology

Our commitment to providing high-quality service is made possible by our investment in advanced drone systems and camera equipment.

Services we offers for Search & Rescue

We offer a wide number of professional drone services for your farm and agriculture sectors. They are as follows:

Aerial Reconnaissance Photography

Our state-of-the-art drones equipped with high-resolution cameras provide real-time aerial reconnaissance, enabling swift and efficient assessment of hard-to-reach areas. This service aids in identifying potential hazards, locating missing persons, and assessing terrain conditions.

Drone mapping of school in sydney
Drone Survey

Night Vision and Thermal Imaging

Equipped with cutting-edge night vision and thermal imaging technology, our team can operate in low-light conditions and locate individuals even in complete darkness. This service is invaluable for night-time search and rescue missions, providing a distinct advantage in time-sensitive situations.

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Why You Should be Using Upload Enterprise

Upload Enterprise is a leading provider of commercial aerial mapping, drone surveys and aerial photography. We are CASA certified and fully insured, and we offer a wide range of services, including Lidar mapping, thermal mapping, multispectral mapping, and orthophotography.

  • Certified and licensed by CASA
  • Public Liability Insurance of $12 Million
  • Professional Liability Insurance of $6 Million
  • Safety assessments for jobs
  • Mine/Construction Spec Vehicles and Full PPE
  • Drone fleet of the future
  • GNSS ground control with PPK precision

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